Estate Sales by Emerald


The Consultation

We will come to you, do
a walkthrough of your property
and learn about your needs. We
answer all your questions and
offer guidance

Staging the Sale

We transform your home
into a well-organized and appealing
shopping experience designed to welcome
customers and maximize sales revenu

Accurately Pricing Your Items

We value your items for
sale based on market value,
current buying trends and the
vast knowledge and experience of
our staff


We market and advertise
through estate sale sites,
social media and local advertisers
as well as email notifications to our
loyal customer base

Staffing Your Estate Sale

We manage every detail of your event. We create an
atmosphere your customers will enjoy. We strategically
place our staff throughout the home to provide
a pleasant shopping experience for
your customers that makes it easy
and fun for them to find and complete
their purchases

Securing Your Property

Every effort is made to
maintain a protected environment.
All steps and exits are clearly
marked for safety. Customers are
asked to leave all purses, bags
etc. in their cars, so we can avoid
theft or breakage

Detailed & Accurate Accounting

Every sale is itemized. We
provide a sale inventory/pricing
list to you after the sale and
satisfy your account as quickly
as possible

What to Do With The Leftovers

We are confident most of your items will be sold during the
estate sale. However, you will need a plan for the items
left after the sale. We can dispose of them orarrange for
donation to a local charity. There may be occasions when
we can take an item on consignment or match you with a
buyer that was unable to attend the sale. Our staff
would be happy to discuss these options with you

Clean Up

We make sure the home is empty
and “broom clean” before we leave
the property


clean out services/cleaning services
repair services


No matter how difficult or overwhelming the situation, we can handle it. It can be a very emotionally draining experience to
sort through your loved one’s possessions. This is even harder when the task is compounded by clutter. Let us separate the
trash from the treasure for you. We can set aside personal items, advise on resalable items and remove and haul away the
trash and debris. We make the process quick and painless, while taking care to respect your wishes, property and privacy.


You have emptied the house and now you are left with the task of making it presentable for sale. The last thing you want to do
is worry about is who is going to get stuck cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floors. Let us do it for you. Whether the
property needs a routine cleaning or a serious deep clean, we are on it. We will work with you to determine your needs and
provide the staff, equipment and supplies to get the job done.


You move a sofa and discover a hole in the wall you did not know about. Your loved one never got to finish the bathroom remodel
project they started. The garage door will not open, and you have no idea why. The ceiling fan in the family room needs to be
replaced and you have no clue how to do it. Everything could use a fresh coat of paint. The list goes on and on. We can take care
of it for you. Repair, refresh, renew. Whatever the problem, we can solve it and leave the property looking like a new home.